What exactly is Blokkwood?

We have developed a gentle wood treatment procedure that takes only a few hours, during which the internal structure of the wood changes, and the properties of the wood material improve significantly – all without containing any toxic substances. Through the application of the Blokkwood procedure, a quality wood material can become an improved version of itself in several aspects, with an extremely favorable price-performance ratio.

01 Water repellent

Its water absorption capacity significantly decreases, meaning it absorbs water only to a small extent, and the absorbed water can be easily released without warping.


02 More durable – retains shape better – more resistant in various aspects

Unlike traditional heat treatment methods, the resulting wood material is not only more durable and less prone to warping but also lighter due to its low moisture content. Tests have shown that the load-bearing capacity of some wood types increases. Consequently, Blokkwood materials create a new category of structural woods.


03 Resistant to pests, fungi, mold

Pests and fungi do not attack it because it does not provide suitable nutrients for wood-boring beetles, termites, or mold fungi.


04 Antibacterial

The procedure itself is chemical-free, making the treated wood antibacterial and eco-friendly. It can be suitable for making children’s toys, furniture, as well as kitchen tools and accessories.


05 Free of toxic substances

The entire process of wood treatment is chemical-free, making the wood material 100% eco-friendly. It contains no toxic substances – as confirmed by previous toxicological studies.


06 More beautiful, and in terms of price-performance ratio, it can even be a more favorable choice

As a result of the Blokkwood treatment, the aesthetic properties of the wood material improve. The original pattern of the wood becomes more contrasting, highlighting its natural beauty.


Forget what you knew about wood so far and open up to new horizons! Use Blokkwood wood with all its advantageous properties!

The wood of tomorrow for everything you can dream of made from wood.

Covering material
We produce wood material that can be an indispensable component of the outdoor and indoor covering market. Its aesthetics, durability, water repellency, and resistance to pests, fungi, and mold make it suitable to become the primary material of the future.

NEW application possibilities
Wood materials treated with the Blokkwood procedure can be used in areas where wood was not used at all before or only with great “risk”.

Musical instrument wood
As a result of the treatment, the most significant properties of musical instrument wood undergo extremely beneficial changes. The result is a more mature sound, lower moisture content, resistance to humidity changes, shape retention, strength, flexibility, and beautiful color, potentially in multiple shades.

Blokkwood supports creativity and provides space for the boldest ideas. The solution is in our hands: all we have to do is take advantage of the possibilities offered by innovation and boldly exploit the unknown.

Get the best out of your products with Blokkwood!

Wood treatment differently, with significantly greater profit

As part of the Blokkwood Franchise, we provide everything necessary for you to make significant progress in your market with this uniquely treated wood material in ideally short time. Moreover, the current low prevalence of the technology allows you to be among the first in your field.

TECHNOLOGY SALES – In addition to selling burners of various sizes and control units, we help wood industry companies adapt the technology based on a franchise guide.
DEVELOPED KNOW-HOW – By developing the entire production process alongside ideal technological solutions, we can provide sophisticated, continuously developed, and refined know-how to our technology buyers.
SAMPLE PLANT – Through our sample plant, we have the opportunity to demonstrate the technology in operation. During a personal visit, you can acquire firsthand information for adapting our technology.

Multiple profit for wood industry companies applying Blokkwood technology

By applying the Blokkwood procedure, the properties of lower-priced wood materials can be significantly improved in several respects, thus representing a value comparable to that of more expensive materials, even at significantly lower prices. Therefore, with the simple and quick introduction of the technology, wood industry companies worldwide can multiply their profits.

Outstanding business opportunity for wood industry companies and businesses

The Blokkwood technology affects multiple sectors of manufacturing and trade, and even influences end-users. It offers previously unimaginable alternatives in wood covering, construction, and product manufacturing. It guarantees products with outstanding qualities that are not only durable but also unparalleled in their aesthetic properties (contrasting and natural).

It is time for wood industry companies and businesses to capitalize on the potential of the technology. Now they have the opportunity to get more out of wood as a raw material than they previously could. Thus, in the long run, they can fundamentally change the entire wood industry offering.

Blokkwood wood treatment

With treatment lasting 8-12 hours, even without significant pre-drying, you can get a material that can be immediately used and processed. This saves time, energy, money, and space.

What does this mean for you? You can set new records in manufacturing, sales, hence realize more profit in your company or business.

Implement Blokkwood technology!

The value increase achievable through Blokkwood heat treatment significantly exceeds the additional capacity that can be freed up by using the technology and can result in cost savings for our partners.
Be a leader in using technology or selling Blokkwood wood and increase your profit!

We help our partners introduce the technology, and we provide the necessary equipment ready for use.

We undertake to build the Blokkwood brand: we support our partners’ market entry with a centralized marketing strategy, and we help identify potential buyers. We continuously test in our sample plant, making the experiences and results available to our partners.

If you still have doubts about Blokkwood wood, you don’t have to believe us; believe your own eyes. Try it!

If you are interested in the details, contact our experts and request further information!

Distribute Blokkwood wood material!

Whether it’s high-quality wood, average, or considered worthless, with Blokkwood, you can outperform most products on the market.

The competitive situation around wood products makes it important to hold materials that are outstanding in terms of quality and price-performance ratio. With the procedure, you can make various wood materials marketable!

Contact us and discuss your questions with our experts!

Treat your existing wood materials with Blokkwood!

Excessive fragility, rapid aging, or warping of individual wood materials can cause many problems. Especially when they only tie up money and take up space in the warehouse. Does this sound familiar to you?

Now you have the opportunity to save stuck stocks, and you can even bid them a final farewell. From tomorrow onwards, you can work with exceptionally water-repellent, durable, and beautiful materials, and you can categorize your previously commercial products into a higher, even premium category.

Come to us and choose us! Experience what you’ve only heard about so far and then let your customers decide!

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